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Powerful features of Sectors

Benefits of using Sectors

  • Real-time access to research reports, trends, and insights for the global oilfield industry
  • Interrogate, screen and visualise complex data at a granular level
  • Remain a step ahead with a knowledgeable and empowered workforce
  • Forecast accurately, mitigate risk, and make well-informed strategic decisions based on current data and insight
  • Independently verify research and analysis on a global scale

Your trusted data analytics tool for global oilfield services

Sectors is a visually engaging and easy-to-use online subscription service where users can interrogate, screen and visualise complex data at a granular level to win more projects and generate better margins.

Backed by a global team of analysts, Sectors challenges conventional thinking and helps firms, investment bodies, equity partners and governments to develop ambitious and effective strategic plans. Rather than tackling questions in isolation, the granularity of Sectors’ data is blended with the consulting and analytical expertise of its in-house team to validate strategic decisions.

Sectors connects people to expertise, insight, and resources to boost efficient, reduce costs, make educated decisions, and accelerate capital projects. Importantly, Sectors removes the ‘fear factor’ from complex projects by answering the challenging question involved in planning and financing modern day oilfield infrastructure projects.

"Douglas-Westwood’s research is rock solid."

Kristen Hays, Reuters

"A world class organization…with a deep and broad understanding of the global energy value chain."

Director, Strategy Offshore, Technip International O&G Contractor

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